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The official website for E-learning videos, State Fair, Festival & Community Theater Concerts. Home for the Morris Brothers school assemblies on Bullying, Character Education, Drug Awareness, Classroom Behavior, State Test Taking Skills, Safety & Stranger Danger and Family Fun Nights.

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The Morris Brothers live concert performances highlight original rock songs and audience participation, all to share with kids, teens and parents how to be your best. Theatrically, they accomplish this by presenting music and life-skills anecdotes on how to be bully-free, have great character, accept others, show kindness, have empathy and confidence, take tests successfully and be a superhero daily.
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We Stand As One
World Tour

This is family rock for all ages. The Morris Brothers perform their epic World Tour across the United States and Canada. You can catch these two N.E.R.D.s, Never Ending Radical Dudes, rocking in concert at a school, theater, festival or state fair near you. They are the coolest N.E.R.D.s you will ever meet, on a mission to save and rock the entire world one concert at a time.
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