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State Test Taking Skills

Over several years, the standardized test has become a major topic of discussion at most, if not all, schools across the U.S. This program was designed to help schools prepare their students for not only their respective state assessment test, but also learn how to take all tests, both as a student and an adult, throughout life.
This program was designed to help students prepare for their state assessment test, as well as all tests throughout life.

The Morris Brothers can perform this program:

    1. In advance as an Assessment Test preparation assembly
    2. Just before the test as an awesome Pep Rally

Review (6) specific test-taking strategies:

  1. Motivating the students and staff by developing a positive attitude.
  2. Encourage each student to set a goal to do their best in life and on the state assessment test and all tests.
  3. Review (6) specific test-taking strategies, starting with goal setting and having a plan.
    • Leading up to the test – discuss tips for building confidence by preparing weeks & days in advance ahead the test via nutrition, sleep & studying.
    • Night before the test – discuss tips for preparing the night before the test by being prepared.
    • Day of the test – discuss stress reduction tips for day of, before and during the test.
    • Reading and Writing section – discuss strategies such as using your imagination, looking for key words, etc., when telling a story.
    • Math section – strategies for word problems, changing words to standard form, showing your work, etc.
    • Answering questions – strategies on how to answer questions by lining up answers with questions, process of elimination, proofread, etc.

* An exciting, competitive and fun game show is held at the end of the assembly, with students from each grade level as contestants covering points from the assembly.
* An exciting, competitive and fun game show is held at the end of the assembly

* Role playing involving audience participation during key points above
* Original music performed live in concert

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