The Morris Brothers

Safety & Stranger Danger

Overview – In the assembly students will learn how to stay safe when out in public places, in their neighborhood, or online.

Assembly can be school wide (k-5), or separate (k-2) & (3-5) performances.

  • Who are adults we can trust?
  • What is a stranger?
  • Different types of strangers?
  • Where do we encounter strangers?
  • (4) strategies for being a safe, stranger-free community, school & student.
    1. Safety Tip #1 – If you see something, say something
      • Report anything suspicious.
    2. Safety Tip #2 – Be responsible to each other
      • Be a superhero bystander.
    3. Safety Tip #3 – Stop & Think
      • Is a stranger trying to trick you?
    4. Safety Tip #4 – Be prepared
      • Have a plan when out in public, in neighborhood, or online.

* Role playing involving audience participation during key points above
* Original music performed live in concert

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