The Morris Brothers


A digital learning company, Between Your Ears Entertainment creates and produces live concerts, interactive videos, apps, games and music for elementary schools, home and the mobile consumer. Our target audience is early childhood through grade 6. Content is developed around animated and trademarked intellectual properties, The Morris Brothers and The Friencils. Product content includes reading, writing, word association & life skills curriculum, such as anti-bullying, character education, classroom behavior and more.
Simply put the Morris Brothers are Nerds. They wear plaid pants, pocket protectors, taped glasses and their hair stands straight up. This dynamic duo may look like two nerds, but they don’t believe they’re nerds. After an explosion in their underground tree house laboratory, they were transformed into social superheroes on a mission to save and rock the entire world one school at a time. To these two, N.E.R.D. stands for a Never Ending Radical Dude or Dudette. They teach “it’s not what you look like, but how you feel about yourself that’s important”. They want kids to be confident in themselves and their abilities, to stand up for their beliefs and strive for high ideals by teaching self esteem, peer pressure, character traits, bullying, drug prevention, friendship and more.
Currently there are (6) elementary school & (2) middle school assemblies available.  Click here to learn more. These are year-round performances that discuss self-esteem, peer pressure, friendship and making good choices which support the theme of the main topic selected. Live songs are performed that reinforce these specific topics, utilizing audience participation. It’s a high energy rock concert aimed to entertain students and teachers of all ages. It’s smart, clever, engaging, educational and fun. We promise.
Yes, the entire elementary or middle school can attend (1) 45-minute, or (2) back-to-back 45-minute performances, splitting your grade levels. More performances are possible if needed to accommodate a large student body.
Absolutely, if you feel your school is too large for a single assembly, you can schedule multiple performances for the grade levels of your choice. Programs can be back-to-back in the morning, afternoon or all day. A price discount will be given for schools that need multiple shows.
The school assembly can be held in your gym, cafeteria, auditorium or multi-purpose room. A formal stage or the floor both work. The students are asked to sit cross-legged on the floor with an aisle down the middle of the audience, or as you generally seat your audience. The Morris Brothers will bring their own sound equipment. A 6-foot table is all that is needed from your school.
Performances can be booked any time, as far in advance as you wish during the normal school year. Family Fun Nights can also be booked for PTA nights or special events.
Simply contact Between Your Ears Entertainment via the Contact Us email form on the website. Or call (800) 326-5917. An account executive will contact you to answer questions and schedule your performance.
Lesson plans are available here. Teacher follow-up material for each assembly topic is found here. Marketing posters are available here.
The Morris Brothers are perfect for your State Fair or Festival event, appealing to both kids and their parents. Each concert performance includes their own original rock songs, comedy, crowd participation and high energy. They can bring their own sound system, or utilize the event’s sound system. You can book the Morris Brothers for a single concert performance, a full day or multiple days at your event. Each performance can be scheduled for 30 – 60 minutes in length, up to (4) performances a day. Pricing is based on the number of performances in a day, and how many days at your event. Travel arrangements are covered by the concert promoter, festival or state fair, if needed. The Morris Brothers are available to perform in the United States & Canada. Please contact us or call (800) 326-5917 for pricing & more information.