The Morris Brothers


General Questions: 

We are a digital media company that creates and produces live concerts, virtual SEL curriculum animated series, apps and music for elementary schools and the mobile consumer. Our target audience is (PK – grade 6). Content is developed around trademarked intellectual properties, The Morris Brothers, The Friencils & our new animated school series – School Days. Curriculum content includes writing, word association, SEL life skills and more.
This dynamic duo, Homer and Rupert Morris, may look like two nerds, but don’t judge a book by its cover. N.E.R.D. stands for a Never Ending Radical Dude or Dudette. They are social superheroes on a mission to save, and rock, the entire world, one school at a time. They are the coolest nerds you will ever meet.
The Friencils is our early childhood & pre-school animated curriculum series on life-skills, reading, writing & word association. As pencils, best friends, Peter, Patty, Pedro & Pasha encourage the importance of friendship, having great character and making good choices every day. The series takes place in their neighborhood and school, where every episode teaches young minds how to solve the daily social issues they may actually experience in their own lives. This series is available in the annual SEL curriculum subscription package. Click here to learn more
School Days is a animated series featuring flashbacks of the young Morris Brothers back in elementary school. We meet their friends, foes, and school staff all while learning how to navigate the daily social issues that every student experiences in real life. We also learn that choices have consequences, which these lessons easily being utilized daily by your students. Also available in the SEL annual subscription package. Click here to learn more
The Morris Brothers perform, live in concert and virtually, on their epic We Stand As One World Concert Tour across the United States & Canada in schools, theaters, state fairs, festivals & city events. Using original rock songs & audience participation, they share, with all ages, life-skills tools on having great character, accepting others, showing kindness, having empathy, having confidence and being a superhero every day. Ultimately, how your school & community can STAND TOGETHER AS ONE to be its best every day.
Your school can have the Morris Brothers perform live in concert, at your school, anytime. If they are not scheduled to perform in your geographic area, a new tour can be scheduled with the booking of additional schools in your city, district or nearby districts.

Or you can subscribe to our SEL In-Classroom & Online Curriculum library and enjoy unlimited digital access to the MB live action virtual assemblies + the animated curriculum series – School Days. All at a fraction of the live assembly price.

You can also bundle both the live concert and SEL subscription package for a truly amazing 12-months of the MB SEL curriculum for your staff and students. Click here to learn more.

SEL In-Classroom & Online Curriculum Subscription:

This is precisely why we are launching our SEL in-classroom & online subscription package.  This 12-month subscription allows any socio-economic school, located in any city, to enjoy having the MB curriculum regardless of your schools budget. Our curriculum topics can be taught anytime of the year, with unlimited access for your teachers. This is the perfect solution to a reduced or limited budget, as this 12-month annual subscription package is priced at a fraction of the cost of a live concert assembly.

The online school series – School Days – highlights action adventures with the MB as they capture students imaginations using animation and video teaching modules with storytelling on their level. Also included are virtual concert videos from the their world school tour, plus classroom follow-up material for each grade level. It’s learning media for today’s 21st century learning minds.
School Days is a animated series reliving the experiences of the young Morris Brothers back in elementary school. In each episode, we meet their friends, their school bully, other students and the school staff that round out their world. The storylines educate the viewing audience on how to navigate the daily issues, at school or in their neighborhood, that many students may actually be facing. It’s fun, entertaining and educational storytelling.

Additionally, the young viewers learn that choices have consequences. All follow-up material allows the teacher, or counselor, to tie down the lessons learned daily in the school series. Thus giving their students tools to use immediately in real life. Click here to learn more.
First your school must create a unique account, username & password. Secondly, payment for the subscription is secured by check or credit card. Once activated, your staff will simply login to get started, by teacher, counselor or individual classes. Each main topic will have a library of accompanying video titles to select from. Each video title will consist of multiple teaching modules.

Your school will then have unlimited 12-month access to our online library of SEL curriculum. As new SEL content is produced during the 12-months, all videos titles will be added to the online library of topics, at no additional charge to your school.

Access to new lesson plans, classroom follow-up material and all discussion questions are also included with the 12-month subscription. Your account auto-renews annually.
The digital-on-demand SEL & life-skills video topics planned are:
  • Bullying
  • Character Education
  • Drug Awareness
  • Classroom Behavior
  • Stranger Danger
  • State Test Taking Skills
  • New topics added annually
SEL Virtual Curriculum Annual Subscription – $199 per school per year
  • Unlimited access to the School Days series animated & live action teaching modules.
  • Unlimited access to all virtual assemblies featuring the MB.
  • Unlimited access to all music videos from the MB world concert tour.
  • Unlimited access to classroom follow-up lesson plans & discussion questions.
Forms of payment are (1) school check with a purchase order or (2) credit card. When paying by credit card, you will be activated within minutes of payment for immediate access. When paying by school check, your school will be activated when our corporate office receives payment.

Your school can purchase our SEL subscription package online. You can see a demo here. You can Purchase Now. Or contact us or call (800) 326-5917 for more information.
Yes, new SEL virtual learning content will be produced and added to the online libraries monthly. All content is created & produced by Licensed Professional Counselors and Emmy-Award winning producers. Entertainment for both the students & the teachers.
There isn’t one. At Between Your Ears Entertainment, we are committed to providing our SEL curriculum, animated teaching modules, virtual concerts & music videos to all schools, all classrooms, all students everywhere. We feel that your dreams start between your ears, by using your imagination. The future is possible for all students with the necessary tools.

We will work with your school to ensure your students are getting access to vital Social & Emotional learning curriculum we create. We provide a solution for every school, regardless of your schools socio-economic status or budget. This is our core philosophy, our mission statement, our commitment to your students future.
Our SEL subscription library sits on our website. Once you are logged in, your teacher can cast to a classrooms big screen projector, individual computers in the computer lab or connect their screen to a virtual class using Zoom, Microsoft teams or any service of your choice.

Basically our SEL virtual assemblies & curriculum can be watched from any classroom, computer lab or any device that connects to the internet.


Of course. The We Stand As One World Concert Tour can be scheduled in any English speaking school or venue around the world. Contact Us or call (800) 326-5917 for pricing and discussion with our account executives to learn more.

Live Assemblies:

Currently there are (8) elementary & (2) middle school assembly topics available. These performances discuss self-esteem, friendship, how to be a superhero bystander, make good choices and much more. It’s a high energy multi-media concert aimed to entertain students and teachers of all ages. It’s smart, clever, engaging, educational and full of audience participating role plays & rock music. Click here to learn more.
Yes, the entire elementary (Pk-5) or middle school (6-8) can attend a single 55-minute performance. Or multiple, back-to-back, 55-minute performances can be scheduled to accommodate a large student body.
Absolutely, you can schedule a single (Pk-5) concert assembly. Or multiple performances for (pk-2) / (3-5). Or any grade combination of your choice.
Programs can be back-to-back in the morning, afternoon or all day. A price discount will be given for schools that schedule multiple shows.
The school assembly can be held in your gym, cafeteria, auditorium, multi-purpose room or even outside.

A formal stage or the floor both work for the MB performance. The students are asked to sit cross-legged on the floor with an aisle down the middle of the audience. The Morris Brothers bring their own sound equipment.
Simply contact Between Your Ears Entertainment via the  Contact Us  form. Or call (800) 326-5917. An account executive will contact you to answer questions and schedule your performance.
A Family Fun Night consists of a 60-minute night performance, celebrating the topic you choose. It’s enjoyed by the entire family. It’s great for a PTA meeting or any night time celebration. We recommend you also schedule the MB to perform earlier, on the day of the FFN, to help promote the event that night.

A Field Day Concert is a 60-minute day performance to help celebrate your field day and a great school year. Pure fun, pure excitement, pure rock n roll. Enjoyed by all ages. Posters can be purchased, in advance, at our store for the Morris Brothers to autograph the day of event.
Marketing posters are available here to place in the hallways and send home to the parents in advance.
In the weeks prior to the concert, we ask each school to promote the concert with flyers in the hallways. Also play our original rock songs & music videos in the classrooms from our online library or YouTube.

As well as send home to the parents the concert announcement flyer. All of which is emailed to the school weeks in advance.

The day of the concert, a 6-ft table is needed for their sound equipment. And a faculty or pta/pto member to introduce the beginning of the MB concert.
Each 55-minute assembly price is based on your schools unique location in the United States, Canada or overseas. As well as the total number of concert assemblies needed on your campus.

Between Your Ears Entertainment is located in Dallas, TX, so all Dallas area schools are locally priced. Any concert tour scheduled outside of Dallas, in your schools specific or regional area, travel will be factored into the total price.
Please contact us or call (800) 326-5917 for pricing regarding your specific area.
Great question. This is precisely why we are launching our SEL curriculum online subscription package. This 12-month subscription allows any socio-economic school, located in any city, to enjoy having the MB curriculum regardless of your schools budget. Our curriculum topics can be taught anytime of the year, with unlimited access for your teachers. This is the perfect solution to a reduced or limited budget, as this 12-month annual subscription package is priced at a fraction of the cost of a live concert assembly. See SEL curriculum subscription section on this page for more info.

VIP Fan Club Membership:

VIP Fan Club Home Membership – $2.99 per month
  • Advertisement-free.
  • Sign in on tablet, laptop or phone safely and securely. No ads.
  • VIP consumer access for our fans to enjoy the MB away from school.
  • VIP access to the YouTube animated series – The Adventures of the Morris Brothers.
  • VIP access to unseen behind the scenes footage of the MB world concert tour.
  • No access to teaching material or follow-up lesson plans.
  • No access to school series – School Days, available only in SEL annual package.
Click here to learn more or Purchase Now.

State Fairs, Festivals, Family Fun Night & Field Day Concerts:

  • The Morris Brothers are perfect for your state fair, city event, family fun night or field day concerts; appealing to both kids and their parents.
  • Each concert performance includes their own original rock songs, comedy, crowd participation and high energy.
  • They can bring their own sound system, or utilize the event’s sound system.
  • You can schedule a single concert performance, a full day or multiple days at your event.
  • Each performance can be scheduled up to 60-minutes in length, up to (4) performances a day.
  • Pricing is based on the number of performances in a day, and how many days at your event.
  • Travel arrangements are covered by the concert promoter, festival, state fair or city event, if needed.
Click here to learn more about state fairs & festivals. Click here to learn more about Family Fun Nights & Field Day concerts. Or contact us. Or call (800) 326-5917 for pricing & information.

The Morris Brothers World Tour Concert Poster:

  • The We Stand As One World Concert tour poster is double-sided.
  • It’s two posters for the price of one.
  • Side 1 – a collage of performance images of the MB live on stage in concert on their world tour.
  • Side 2 – a cartoon illustration of the MB standing on epic concert stage in front of a concert audience.
View Now
  • Individually students, or their parents, can order our 2-sided posters online and will be shipped directly to their home.
  • Price is $10.
  • Your school PTA/PTO can make a large quantity poster purchase online, triggering 20% discount.
  • Posters are shipped directly to your school.
  • Your PTA/PTO can then resale & distribute to the students, on site, at full price and keep the proceeds.
  • Great for hallways and classroom walls throughout the school.
  • Price is $8.00 with a large quantity purchase online.