The Morris Brothers

School Assemblies

  • Assembly can be (k-5) or individual (k-2) & (3-5) concerts 
  • The Morris Brothers provide their own sound system 
  • Concert can be hosted in a gym, cafeteria or outside 
  • Role plays involving audience participation throughout concert 
  • Original music performed live in concert

Elementary Schools

  • All assemblies are a 55-minute high energy live concert 
  • Original music, SEL strategies and audience role playing geared to age of attending audience
  • We share with your school the importance of self-confidence, having great character, being a superhero bystander showing kindness, empathy and acceptance of others
  • Explore different types of bullying, cyberbullying, peer pressure & leadership skills
  • All curriculum is developed by Licensed Professional Counselors and teachers 

Middle Schools

  • 55-minute assembly program topic covers Character Education, Drug Awareness & Leadership
  • Original songs are performed that relate to your middle school students’ social levels
  • Explore different types of bullying, cyberbullying, peer pressure & leadership skills
  • Present how choices have outcomes


  • Principal testimonials from the We Stand As One world concert tour 

Full List of Topics


  • Research based information from the book – Bully Free Classroom
  • Learn how to recognize different types of bullying 
  • Learn how to be friendly, respect one another & stand together united as one school
  • Learn 5 strategies to be a bully free school 

Character Education

  • Based on the 6 pillars of Character Counts  
  • Learn how to have respect for yourself & others 
  • Learn the difference between bad vs good character 
  • Learn how to handle peer pressure & walk away with confidence 

Classroom Behavior

  • Learn the 3 R’s of Classroom Behavior skills 
  • Respect, Responsibility and the Right to Learn
  • Geared to younger students – grades (pk-3) 
  • Role play strategies that reinforce good classroom behavior skills

Drug Awareness

  • Understand the difference between legal vs illegal drugs
  • Understand what is peer pressure & how to handle it
  • Learn 4 strategies that shape a drug free school 

State Testing

  • Can be performed weeks in advance, or just prior to state test date  
  • Learn 6 specific test taking strategies to use all year, on all test 
  • Learn how goal setting relates to taking tests 
  • Test taking skills are lifelong skills 
  • Motivating the students and staff by encouraging a positive attitude

Safety & Stranger Danger

  • Learn differences between a stranger and a safe-side adult 
  • Learn different types of strangers
  • Learn who are safe-side adults we can trust?
  • Learn 3 stranger danger strategies to stay safe at school, in your neighborhood & online 

Family Fun Nights / Field Day Concerts

  • A fun-filled live concert enjoyed by both parents and students  
  • Schedule during the day for special celebration event 
  • Schedule at night to support PTA events 
  • The Morris Brothers bring their own sound system