The Morris Brothers


The Morris Brothers present life-skills & SEL curriculum to schools, and students, year round via live concerts, streaming on-demand animated virtual learning videos, a mobile VIP fan club subscription app and city wide concerts at state fairs, festivals and local community theaters. The Morris Brothers are two superheroes on a mission to save, and rock, the entire world one concert at a time. They are the coolest N.E.R.D’s you will ever meet.

Live School Assemblies

All assemblies are high energy featuring live music, comedy, strategies and role playing. They share with your school the importance of self-confidence, having great character, being a superhero bystander, showing kindness & accepting others. Curriculum is developed by Licensed Professional Counselors, teachers & Emmy-award winning producers. Topics cover Bullying, Character Education, Classroom Behavior, Stranger Danger, Drug Awareness & State Testing skills and more. Learn more

SEL Virtual Learning

Our online SEL animated curriculum & virtual assemblies can be streamed annually, into your school or classrooms, specifically when your teacher or counselor wish to teach. All topics & videos can be viewed, throughout the 12-months, with unlimited Video-On-Demand access per school. New curriculum videos are added monthly free of charge. U-Choose series lets the viewer choose different endings with different consequences.  Learn more

VIP Fan Club

The Morris Brothers are two superheroes on a mission to save, and rock, the entire world. Their animated series, the Adventures of the Morris Brothers, begins in the top-secret underground treehouse lab. The Morris Brothers will take you on wild adventures & field trips around the universe, conduct crazy experiments and rock you with music videos, back stage footage &  live concerts from their world concert tour. A VIP fan club member will get exclusive access to it all. Learn more

State Fairs & Festivals

This is family rock for all ages. The Morris Brothers currently perform live in concert, on their epic We Stand As One World Tour across the United States & Canada in schools, theaters, festivals, city events & state fairs everywhere. Sounds like Green Day, Bon Jovi & Foo Fighters with big sing-along choruses, big melodies, don’t forget the guitar solo & audience participation. Family friendly music for everyone…..pets included. Learn more