The Morris Brothers


Research based information from the book, Bully Free Classroom.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES – Learn (5) ways to make your school bully-free from the research based book Bully Free Classroom.

Assembly can be school wide (k-5), or separate (k-2) & (3-5) performances.

  • How to recognize different types of bullying
  • How to be a friends and respect one another
  • Learn 5 ways to make your school bully-free, which are:
  1. Do your part by reporting – includes bullying or anything against the school rules.
    • Role play the difference between tattling vs reporting
  2. Make your school all-inclusive – the power of including vs. ostracizing others.
    • Role play how to include others
  3. Be a Superhero bystander – being responsible at school and at home.
    • Role play how to be a Superhero bystander
  4. Stop-n-think – learn how to be proactive.
  5. Be prepared – know your strategies in advance if bullied.
    • Role play 3 specific strategies to diffuse the situation with confidence
    • Learn to leave and report to an adult, teacher or administrator

* Role playing involving audience participation during key points above
* Original music performed live in concert

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