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State Test Taking Pep Rally Assembly
Over several years, the Standardized test has become a major topic of discussion at most, if not all, schools across the U.S. This program was designed to help schools prepare their students for their respective state assessment test by:
  1. Motivating the students and staff by developing a positive attitude.
  2. Encourage each student to set a goal to do their best in life and on the state assessment test.
  3. Review (6) specific test taking strategies - Starting with goal setting and having a plan.
    1. Tips for building confidence by preparing weeks & days before the test via nutrition, sleep & studying
    2. Tips for the Night before the test
    3. Discuss stress reduction tips for before and during the test
    4. Strategies for the Reading & Writing sections
    5. Strategy for the Math section
    6. Strategy on how to answer questions with confidence
* Original songs are performed from The Morris Brothers CD in concert.

* An exciting, competitive and fun game show is held at the end of the assembly, with students from each grade level as contestants covering points from the assembly.

The Morris Brothers can perform this program in advance as an Assessment Test preparation assembly or just before the test as a Pep rally.

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