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School Shows

Currently (6) assembly topics are available for your elementary school. All programs are a 45 minute high energy, audience participating, comedy presentation aimed to please students & teachers alike. Each concert covers a specific topic with original songs supporting the theme. All assemblies are developed by Licensed Professional Counselors and teachers. Click the button above to view video clips, curriculum highlights and classroom follow up material.

Each 45 minute assembly program covers an assembly topic on Character Education & Leadership or Test Taking Skills. Original songs are performed that relate to these specific topics and promote student involvement, while raising the bar to your middle school students' level. Different types of bullying, cyber-bullying, leadership & how choices have outcomes are all explored in an exciting, mature way they can relate to. Click the button above to learn more.

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You may choose from any of the assembly topics, or the Morris Brothers can customize a program to meet the needs of your school. All Morris Brothers assemblies will emphasize the main topic theme as well as the importance of teamwork, having self-esteem, leadership and more. Original songs are performed from the Morris Brothers CD. The performance is a turn key operation with The Morris Brothers bringing their own sound system. Classroom handout material is available to your teachers and counselors with each assembly ordered. All assemblies are developed by Licensed Professional Counselors & teachers.

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